Steamboat Storage – Aames Storage size guide:

Please use this convenient size guide to determine which of our storage unit configurations will work best for you!

5’x10′ – 8.6′ ceiling

1 Bedroom Apartment/Condominium
Queen bed, dresser, small table, 2-4 chairs, small coffee table, 15-20 2’x3′ boxes or tubs stacked

10’x10′ – 8.6′ ceiling

2 Bedroom Apartment/Condominium or Small 2 Bedroom House
2 Queen beds, 2 dressers, table & 4 chairs, condo size sofa or sofa sleeper, coffee table or end tables, 2 bicycles, 4 pairs of skis/poles, TV with stand, 20-30 boxes or tubs stacked

10’x20′ – 8.6′ ceiling

3 Bedroom Home or Condominium
Full size pick up truck or car with room for personal items. Or, 3 Queen size beds, 3 dressers, table with 6-8 chairs, full size sofa or sofa sleeper, washer & dryer, refrigerator, freezer, end tables, hutch, 2 TV’s with stands, bicycles, skis, motorcycle, 30-40 boxes or tubs stacked, 2 living room chairs, dish hutch, room to walk

10’x30′ – 8.6′ ceiling

4-5 Bedroom Home or Condominium
4 Queen size beds, 4 dressers, 2 full sized couches, table & chairs for 8-12 people, 2-4 living room chairs, 2-4 end tables, washer & dryer, refrigerator, freezer, 3-4 TV’s with stands, dish hutch, bicycles, skis, 1-2 motorcycles, 30-40 plastic tubs or stacked boxes, room to walk through

Outdoor Storage

Cars, Trucks, Snowmobile Trailers, up to 4 Snowmobiles, Boats up to 30′, Motorhomes, Camping/Pop-Up Trailers, Utility Trailers, Tractors, etc.